MicCheck (macOS only)

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MicCheck makes you aware when your microphone is active in the background and saves you from an embarrassing situation.

Why? A little story …

Due to COVID-19 situation, most of us are working from home - taking classes, attending meetings & webinars on various video conferencing apps.

It just so happened that I was browsing for some important information while a conference call was on. The meeting got over and I happily went about working on other things, discussing with my wife who is going to make dinner & who is going to do dishes .

Only an hour later, I realised that I never disconnected the call & my microphone was still listening. That whole day I kept wondering, who all may have heard & what all were the things I may have said . Nevertheless, now they all know what I feel about them. I may have lost a few friends .

Well, this happened thrice in 2 weeks!

So …

The weekend came up and my inner geek woke up to solve it. I don’t have many more friends to lose after all. Few nights in, and

1…2…3 … mic check … MicCheck is in the house!

What does MicCheck do?

MicCheck is very high tech! It shows a big beautiful red box on top of your screen whenever your microphone is in use; even when the conference call app is lost in one of your 100 browser tabs or buried deep down in your war-room control centre that you have made your desktop to be.

Big beautiful red box

Wait, isn’t it already …

Now you are wondering, doesn’t macOS already have such a feature built-in? Well, I couldn’t find one. Give it a try though and until Tim Apple puts it in the next OS update, I can make a few bucks. Also, no harm in waiting for Apple’s WWDC event which is just around the corner

Still not convinced? Oh boy… you are tough! What if, I … umm … never mind! :)


Doesn’t it work on Windows?! … because I already kinda bought it! sigh …

No. It currently supports Mac only. I would be happy to refund. Please drop an email at mic.check@vizardapps.com

Does it record my microphone? Does it need microphone access? Does it need internet?

No. Nada. नहीं. MicCheck does not need your microphone permission nor does it record anything. It runs locally on your desktop and does not need any internet access.

Do I need a Gumroad account to purchase/update the app?

No. You can checkout as a guest.

Is there a free trial?

No, but if you purchased and are not satisfied with it I would be happy to refund within 7 days of your purchase. No questions asked. Please drop an email at mic.check@vizardapps.com

Why does it show that microphone is active even when I have turned on mute in my video calling app?

During a session, even when you turn on mute, technically the microphone is still in use ready to listen as soon as you unmute. As you already know, MicCheck is very 'high-tech’ so …

Does it work with AirPods or other bluetooth microphones?

No. It does not detect microphone usage over AirPods or bluetooth based microphones. It works well with Mac’s internal mic and wired external microphones.

Does it detect suspicious microphone usage by a malware/virus (or similar bad sounding things)?

MicCheck detects usage of microphones by legitimate apps on your Mac. The main purpose of MicCheck is to keep you aware of the microphone sessions (in voice/video calls or other apps) that you started yourself. While it may detect illegitimate usage by malware as well but there is no guarantee and don’t consider it as a 100% safety against malware or virus attacks.

Does it require Admin rights during installation or usage?

No. Just a regular app installation.

Where do I enter my license key?

You don’t have to enter your license key in the app. However, you should keep your license key safe since it may be required to download updates in the future.

What are the system requirements?

macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later


1. Download the .zip file from your Gumroad purchase email link.

2. Extract the contents. Move the extracted file MicCheck or MicCheck.app to your Applications folder.

3. Double-Click MicCheck to launch.


- When you launch it for the first time, a loading screen will come up and show current microphone status. Additionally, you will see MicCheck icon in the top status bar. This means that the app is working. 

- As soon as you get into a call or use the microphone, the status bar icon will turn red. A big red box will also come up on screen which will remain on top until the microphone is in use. 

You can drag the box anywhere on your screen. You can choose to hide it when inactive by clicking on the MicCheck icon in the status bar.

- If you want a smaller sized red box then click on the MicCheck icon in the top status bar and select a preferred size.

Support & Feedback

Please reach out to me at mic.check@vizardapps.com with your bouquets and brickbats!

This product is not currently for sale.

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MicCheck (macOS only)

7 ratings